Monday, May 26, 2014

Story E: Alpha and Omega, by Anna Black

Story E
Alpha and Omega

“Backwards, you say?”

“Yes. Left to right. Idiots human subset write also top to bottom.”

“Surely the preferred direction of writing is arbitrary.”

“Gods say not. See also stupidities your other. Zones time many. Nouns follow descriptors. System measurement adequate but universal not. Flow electricity plus to minus. Humans backwards ways many.”

“Well, we don’t have a single planetary government to set or enforce standards.”

“Problem also. Gods like not. Humans sloppy. Query: we fix.”

The possibilities ran rampant as the two continued to hash over the implications of the project. It was not the first time the two had been in agreement on the why of a situation but differed as to the how. Considering the number of planetary systems the pair had worked together on, stretching over eons of time incomprehensible to most, one would think they’d, excuse the pun, would have it down to a science.

But every system presented its own set of variables and perspectives. Over time which, again, you must realize is so vast as to overwhelm the mind, the two, whom we should give a name to and which we shall call Alpha and Omega, and merely because to try and translate their names into a nomenclature comprehensible would take far more time than this narrative would allow.

Suffice to say, it was Alpha who suggested that they just initiate a planet wide erasure of the idiot human subsets’ brains and then reinitialize their consciousness to one more pleasing to the gods, while Omega, who was the more patient and linear of the, but also possessing a bit of a wild and wooly side that oftentimes drove Alpha to distraction, suggested creating a pantheon of religious beings who would not only incorporate all that humans appeared to require in their deities, but, and where was Omega was certain the sheer brilliance of the idea shone most bright, give those deities the actual powers that so many of the human subset gave to their religious figures. The manifestation of actual miracles, the reanimation of the actual dead, the reabsorption of actual souls into what Omega envisioned as something akin to the concept of heaven, but which would exist on a quantum dimension that Omega would create out of the leftover dimension the two had installed on other worlds.

But Alpha, who was always impatient and always wanting to move on to the next big thing, vetoed that idea immediately.

“Always this you do,” Alpha said testily.

“Why not?” Omega replied. “Initiative given. Gods decreed it should be so”

Alpha shifted its bulk so that it was able to more closely examine the crystalline lines crisscrossing its viewers. “See this? What does that you tell?”

Omega leaned closer, not wanting to touch Alpha as the last time that happened, the two merged and it took them twenty thousand of what we know as centuries to untangle themselves. “The human subset is depleting the resources of their planet faster than it can evolve to restore them.”

“And?” Alpha said, drawing the word out in such a manner as to indicate derision coupled with impatience.

“Time we have not. So no pantheon.”

Alpha nodded sagely and with no small degree of satisfaction. Every few millennia Omega was prone to these bursts of creativity that, although could be thought of as endearing, usually led to prolonged bouts of depression on Omega’s part once the project was completed. It was never good enough, Omega would moan, even after the two had long departed from the system. Perhaps I should have incorporated more levels of indoctrination or maybe I should have aligned the layers of belief and made sure that there was no room for accusations of heresy among the conflicting sects.

Alpha was all about getting the job done as quickly and efficiently as possible. Therefore Alpha never experienced these post-creative depressions. Omega, on the other hand, wanted everything to be just so. To make certain that after they left a system, there would be something remaining that was beautiful, even glorious.

But, since the human subset was so eager to wipe itself out of existence, and the two were, as Alpha like to say, on the clock, an expression Alpha found wonderfully accurate, there was no time to create a pantheon or any of the other ridiculous ideas that Omega was prone to want to suggest.

“Agreed we are?” Alpha queried. It was standard speak before initiating a project.

Omega hesitated, which was Omega’s way of expressing discontent, but Alpha had no doubt Omega would do as expected.


Alpha shifted again, aware that Omega quickly moved away to avoid their touching, for it certainly wouldn’t do to accidentally merge and fail to save the human subset from itself.

Once comfortably situated, Alpha initiated the planetary wipe of the human subset consciousness. While Alpha waited it hummed a song it recalled from a world similar to the ones the human subset inhabited. Once the wipe was complete, it decided to let Omega perform the reinitiating of all awareness with, of course, the requisite paradigms that were pleasing to the Gods.

Omega always wanted to wait around and see the result of their handiwork, but Alpha was ready for this. Before Omega could speak a work, the two were on their way to another system.